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Our Story

Once upon a time, Kim travelled the wonders of the world, saw the sun set in Antigua, skied the slopes of Switzerland and saw the sights in New York City. When Kim returned home she missed the wonderful shops in all the places she travelled. She missed buying unique little presents and cards, marvelling at the way all these wonderful items were displayed in crates and baskets, she obviously missed the sunshine too.


Jewellery In Poppi Red

It made Kim ever so sad to come home and not have these wonderful shops to get lost in and spend hours looking at lovely unusual gifts in. So Kim made her dreams come true, nestled in Hawkshead up a small path (which has a fabulous hop scotch on) an old art gallery became Poppi Red.


Poppi Red

The name came from her favourite flower. Kim thought Poppi’s sounded too much like a florist so Red completed the name after a friend suggested it because of the colour of Kim’s fabulous hair.


Now not only was Poppi Red going to be a beautiful shop, it was going to be a delightful café as well. Kim had a daydream and added a little café to her shop, serving lovely coffee and delicious cake, for those lovely husbands waiting for wives and a place where friends could gather on shopping trips and share a cupcake.


Kim (our leader) outside Poppi Red

Now many dressers, crates and baskets later Poppi Red came alive, the doors opened and Kim shared her experiences of fabulous shopping with the Lake District.


And Kim and Poppi Red girls lived happily ever after.